About Us

About GSM Group

We are GSM Group, a marketing and advertising agency, media (online & offline) owner and content provider. Since our birth in 2004, we have been assisting mobile telecommunication companies and automobile vendors and service providers to improve in the market by enabling their customers in order to choose better, leading to a rapid growth.
Our integrated, prompt & flexible approach enables us to create wonderful success stories for our clients.

Our Core Values

  • How we work and what we stand for is vital to us as a business, and is the cornerstone of our relationship with clients.
  • Our core values represent the unifying force that helps make GSM Group a great place to work; which in return enables us to produce great services for clients.

Our values and competencies

We are committed to increasing confidence and participation in workplace pensions. Whilst your objectives and role accountabilities focus on what you do, the competencies focus on how you do it.

Our behavioural indicators are examples of how an individual could demonstrate a core competency, and are designed to show what effective performance looks like, but are not an exhaustive list.



Competency framework

We have a competency-based approach to recruitment and selection, and attach great importance to our competency framework.

In addition to a number of business and technical elements, we will use our values, competencies and behaviours as part of our recruitment and selection processes to attract, assess and interview you and other applicants.

We not only believe that this facilitates a systematic approach to this extremely important aspect of our work, but provides an equitable framework for all applications to be considered.


Our competencies: