• Client: GSM Group
  • Date: 2006
  • Introduction

First exclusive mall branding with a focus on the mobile and telecom industry nationwide.

Through our branding and marketing programs we create opportunities for communicating with shoppers, locally, regionally and nationally.

We are media owners of in mall branding and promotional spaces across a huge network of malls in Iran.

We provide mall media solutions including a range of high impact media and innovative formats to grant your brand maximum exposure in high foot traffic areas across  more than 80 Malls.

  • Why Mall?

Shopping malls are dynamic and exciting destinations, drawing people to shop, dine and socialize and also the convenience of having a large number of shops under one roof.

Shopping malls have become community centers for social and recreational activities, attracting people throughout the entire spectrum of the population.
Each mall in the portfolio has been screened to deliver:
excellent household demographics, large volume of shoppers, highest quality branding, Good impact, Generate new Clientage, Generates visibility of the ad in every area, Repeated exposures in the same area, Eye level and easy to read.

  • Opportunities at The Mall

The Mall has numerous media opportunities for businesses and brands. Use our media channels to get your brand, product or message to millions of weekly shoppers, while they’re already in shopping mode. We have multiple channels available by single mall, or portfolio wide depending on your requirements.

We allow you to explore various branding and advertising In-Mall opportunities. Our highly skilled team will assist you gradually through your request to insure your expectations are met.

  • Run A Mall Advertising Campaign:
  1. It is the perfect way to impact consumers as they are about to make their final purchasing decisions.
  2. That’s where the money is being spent!
  3. Building strong loyal customer relationships.
  4. Raising brand awareness without breaking the bank.
  5. Reaching the target demographics by pinpointing the media that will bring the highest returns and brand recall.

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