Our expert team of designers, color correction and production specialists know what happens throughout the print production process. Color gamut, computer to plate imposition, trapping


Any video or audio asset that needs to be created to support a campaign can be custom fashioned by our team. We do top-notch video and

Digital Marketing

For most companies, the greatest challenge of the age of digital marketing is the divide between their online and offline marketing efforts. At a time

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or

Kalayab Mobile

Kalayab Mobile is a monthly magazine and a guide for buying mobiles. It includes photos, prices, table of technical specification, advantages, disadvantages and comparison of

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Kalayab Jame Khodro

Kalayab Jame Khodro has been one of the best reverences and guides by giving complete information about automobiles in recent years. It is a Annual

Kalayab Khodro

Kalayab Khodro has been one of the best references and guides by giving complete information about automobiles in recent years. It is a bimonthly magazine

Kalayab Digital

Kalayab digital bimonthly magazine is a guide and advisor for your procurement and also it is so useful for gaining information about digital merchandises. It

GSM Monthly Magazine

GSM (Jibi) is the pension and oldest  monthly magazine which covers specifically mobile information. It includesfr the newest news and information, introduction of newest merchandise,

Kalayab Jame Mobile

Kalayab Jame Mobile is a bimonthly magazine that includes specific and dedicated information about mobile phones and tables that exist in Iran market. It is

Kalayab Collection Motorcycle

Collection of photos and information of unique & best motorcycle in the world.

Kalayab Collection Khodro

Collection of photos and information of unique & best cars in the world.

Field Marketing

Field Marketing is a branch of direct marketing disciplines, which involves one-way or two-way, face to face communication of brand message to the customer. GSM

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Digital Magazines

Kalayab, newly released application Buyer’s guide magazines on Android platform, GSM has successfully moved its print magazines to digital format. Other platforms will be launched

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First Mobile and Tablet Industry professional and proprietary in-house channel (Television and Radio) 11 hour broadcasting per Day, 7 days a week

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GSM Application

The first Persian technology news application on Android platform designed based on content News & Technical Reviews. iOS version Available from Spring 2015.

Mall Branding

Introduction First exclusive mall branding with a focus on the mobile and telecom industry nationwide. Through our branding and marketing programs we create opportunities for

13940310-GSM-MKT-Mockup-site,01 Website

Gsm is the best specific base in giving information  about mobile and digital products in pension. It publishes the newest news about mobile and technology.